Sweat Equity (noun)- sustained effort; hard work

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    I'm a school teacher who has a passion for strength and conditioning. Over the years I have gained knowledge from the books, but more importantly through life experience and continued learning. My passion has turned into a side business. I see my responsibility as: 1. developing my trainees' strength throughout the whole body, not parts and pieces, both physically and mentally, and 2. to educate people on proper, effective exercise. If you train with me you will not get a cheerleader, but you will get somebody who will push and encourage you so that you will attain your goals. If you want to whine and not work hard, then find another trainer. It doesn't matter if you are a middle aged housewife or a college athlete-I can get you where you want to go, but only if you want it! If you are interested in training or nutritional counseling to achieve your goals, then please get in touch. Progress, not perfection! -Sweat Equity
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If nobody moves, nobody gets hurt!

Posted by Sweat Equity on 05/14/2016

What happens to us from the childhood to adulthood? As children, we dream. We dream big! We dream of being astronauts, princesses, professional athletes, and I could continue the list ad infinitum. At some point, many of us allow ourselves to be put in a box. Our dreams are deemed impractical, silly, foolhardy. 

Life is not meant to be a serving of fat-free, safety labeled, one toe in the water sort of experience. Do something that makes you feel alive. Risk making a move. Risk being hurt. Every investment comes with a risk reward relationship, so stop hiding your life investment under the mattress and let your life be driven by your passion! Everything you want is on the other side of that fear that is stifling you right now.


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