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    I'm a school teacher who has a passion for strength and conditioning. Over the years I have gained knowledge from the books, but more importantly through life experience and continued learning. My passion has turned into a side business. I see my responsibility as: 1. developing my trainees' strength throughout the whole body, not parts and pieces, both physically and mentally, and 2. to educate people on proper, effective exercise. If you train with me you will not get a cheerleader, but you will get somebody who will push and encourage you so that you will attain your goals. If you want to whine and not work hard, then find another trainer. It doesn't matter if you are a middle aged housewife or a college athlete-I can get you where you want to go, but only if you want it! If you are interested in training or nutritional counseling to achieve your goals, then please get in touch. Progress, not perfection! -Sweat Equity
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Stuck in a rut?

Posted by Sweat Equity on 04/18/2015

I see and hear people all the time who are stuck; they have hit a plateau. Well, the solution is quite simple, and my uncle used to always say it, “variety is the spice of life!” Whatever has you stuck, you’ve got to mix it up, because if you keep doing the same things, then you’ll keep getting the same results. Maybe it’s your diet. It could be your workout. Or, you may need a week or two off if you are constantly hitting it hard.

Here are some possible problems and solutions with regard to eating:

  1. Mono diet– You eat the same thing day in and day out. Mix it up
  2. Calorically stagnant– Whatever your daily requirements, every few days, increase the number of calories, and every few days, decrease the number of calories
  3. Macronutrients-You may need to adjust the amount of protein, catbohydrates, or fat that you consume. This should not be done against a doctor, nutritionist, or dietician’s advice.
  4. Denial– You never eat the fun foods. Have that piece of pizza or ice cream occasionally.This last one will help you paychologically, and don’t tell me, ” but I really love celery, it’s like candy!” Have a piece of pizza or an ice cream.

Another angle may be with your workout. You have several options that can be adjusted within your workout. For today, I will identify the variables in a workout:

  1. Workout Split
  2. Sets & Reps
  3. Rest Periods
  4. Exercise Selection

I will go into detail in a future blog about workout variables.

Lastly, and this applies more to the type A personalities. You cannot go full speed all of the time. Every so often, you need to decompress, and take a week or two off. Professional athletes do it, so take that vacation and forget about your workout for a week.

If what you are doing is no longer working, or has never yielded results, then you need to make a change. Don’t change everything at once or you won’t know what initiated the change. Try something a different way and be patient. Results don’t happen overnight!

Progress, not perfection!


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