Sweat Equity (noun)- sustained effort; hard work

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    I'm a school teacher who has a passion for strength and conditioning. Over the years I have gained knowledge from the books, but more importantly through life experience and continued learning. My passion has turned into a side business. I see my responsibility as: 1. developing my trainees' strength throughout the whole body, not parts and pieces, both physically and mentally, and 2. to educate people on proper, effective exercise. If you train with me you will not get a cheerleader, but you will get somebody who will push and encourage you so that you will attain your goals. If you want to whine and not work hard, then find another trainer. It doesn't matter if you are a middle aged housewife or a college athlete-I can get you where you want to go, but only if you want it! If you are interested in training or nutritional counseling to achieve your goals, then please get in touch. Progress, not perfection! -Sweat Equity
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Respect for the best!

Posted by Sweat Equity on 04/15/2015

I have found as I age (and mature, hmm hmm), that I have developed an appreciation for those who give their all in every situation; that individual who does not accept half measures as an approach to a goal. This individual can be witnessed in two forms; 1) the one who always gives their best, and 2) the individual who is the best!

To observe an individual perform who has seemingly mastered their trade, be it woodwork, ballet, or basketball, is like seeing a masterpiece being created before your eyes. Hard work that translates into performance of the highest quality is, in my mind, the epitome of effort, grace, and excellence. More impressive is the one who then strives to improve further, even when already at the proverbial apex, with no goal of where they are aiming except “better” than what they are. This is a quality that is rare in our society today. In a society of entitlement, it is uncommon to find the individual with the “pull up your bootstraps” mentality, to find individuals who embrace the hard work because it is really just an opportunity, the individual who may be slowed, but not be halted by obstacles. When I think of exceptional performers, I think of the likes of Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, Dr. Ben Carson, and Steve Jobs. The list could go on ad infinitum, but these are just a few whose success could not have predicted based on their circumstances.  Michael Jordan was cut from his high school team prior to becoming, arguably, the greatest NBA player of all time, Joe Montana was the 82nd pick in the 1979 NFL draft before going on to be the greatest quarterback in NFL history (sorry, Brady fans), Dr. Ben Carson almost flunked out of school before becoming a world renowned neurosurgeon, and Steve Jobs was fired from the company he founded only to return and take it to heights previously unseen (you’re welcome for the iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc.).

Many want what others have, but are they willing to go through the same experience to get there?

Progress, not perfection!


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