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    I'm a school teacher who has a passion for strength and conditioning. Over the years I have gained knowledge from the books, but more importantly through life experience and continued learning. My passion has turned into a side business. I see my responsibility as: 1. developing my trainees' strength throughout the whole body, not parts and pieces, both physically and mentally, and 2. to educate people on proper, effective exercise. If you train with me you will not get a cheerleader, but you will get somebody who will push and encourage you so that you will attain your goals. If you want to whine and not work hard, then find another trainer. It doesn't matter if you are a middle aged housewife or a college athlete-I can get you where you want to go, but only if you want it! If you are interested in training or nutritional counseling to achieve your goals, then please get in touch. Progress, not perfection! -Sweat Equity
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I’d love to get in shape, but…..

Posted by Sweat Equity on 03/16/2015

Some of you have good intentions; but even more excuses. Those are your choices to own, but if nothing changes, then nothing changes. The question to ask yourself is, “do you want to get in shape more than you want things to stay the same?” You will not reach your goals in a few days, so you need to suit up for the journey. Start small, build up slowly, and let time & persistence bring results. You don’t need any equipment at all to get started. All you need is the desire and action to make changes. There is a simple, yet effective exercise to get started. For beginners, it will provide some strength training and a lot of conditioning (think heart health and fat loss). All you need is your bodyweight and 10-15 minutes to start. The exercise is the burpee (considered by many to be the king of conditioning exercises). You can easily find a video online. Below is a description of the exercise.

“The Burpee”
1. Squat down and place your hands on the floor in front of you.

2. Kick your feet back. You should now be in push up position.

3. Bring your feet back to the squat position.

4. Jump as high as you can.

5. Repeat

I would start out with a warm up. Do something light, but enough to get your heart rate up a little and break a sweat. Once warmed up, go all out on the burpees.

If you haven’t exercised in a while, start with 10 burpees and aim to complete them as fast as you can. You might have to stop periodically, but that’s OK. Each time you do them, you will try to beat your previous time. When you can do all 10 without a break, up it to 20, then 30, and so on. Once you start getting around 50, then you will want to keep improving your time til you get below 5 min. There will be more to come on this exercise and its use. I would recommend that you do these daily if only doing 10. Later as the numbers increase, you will have some off days from the burpees. If you have days of strength training or other intense exercise, then you will need to limit burpees to 2-3 days a week, depending on the rest of your workout schedule. Your progress is actually made when you are not exercising; this is why recovery time and off days are crucial.

I am not advocating that you not use weights or do other exercises, nor is this exercise all inclusive. This is for the time and equipment challenged that want to still get something accomplished.

The best way to get on your feet is to get off your ass!

Progress, not perfection!


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