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Posted by Sweat Equity on 03/12/2015

There is no magic required to eat in a healthy manner. If you don’t like what I say, find a path that works for you, but below I have included some guidelines for eating throughout the day and week. It’s not perfect, nor all inclusive, but rather g-u-i-d-e-l-i-n-e-s. I’m sure there are some food police that will decry some of the suggestions, but they can eat however they like. We all know (for the most part) what to eat and not eat. You have to find the discipline in yourself, not someone babysitting your choices, to succeed. If you have a question, post a comment.

Serving Sizes per meal
• About 1 palm size (thickness and width) for protein source and 2 fist sizes for fruits/vegetables/grains (remember the rainbow mentioned below).
• For snacks, cut that in half
• Try to eat every about every 3-4 hours, give or take a 1/2 hour. If you’ve just started to ramp up your training, expect to eat more, because you should have more hunger.

AVOID Trans Fats (this is pretty much everything that has partially hydrogenated or hydrogenated oil in its ingredients) as much as you can, they serve no benefit. Same thing for high fructose corn syrup. I know its not practical to avoid completely, but at least be aware of the presence these 2 questionable additives and try to avoid.

• Try to eat a balanced snack/meal 4-5 times a day

• Balanced=some protein, some fat, some carbs (fruit, veg, grain)

• Aim for around .6-1.0 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. Some people are more comfortable eating more protein than others. At least take in enough to repair and recover.

• Minimize, not eliminate empty calories (i.e. sodas, junk food). Be careful with this. A few cokes and candy bars can add up real fast and also cause a sugar crash. Fried foods also fall into this category.  All of this falls under the following guideline. I’m not telling you to have cheat meals and soda all the time. The cokes/desserts/treats need to be part of the 2-3 times mentioned below. It’s about minimizing and moderating, not deprivation and starving

• 2-3 times a week, let yourself have something you enjoy like a piece of pizza, ice cream (a scoop, not a quart), or some other treat. It is much easier to do without something for a few days than a few weeks. Psychologically, this seems to be easier for people to handle. But, if you are not active at all, you might need to put in some sweat before you start treating yourself.

Some helpful supplements
• Flax seed oil or Fish oil

• If you have trouble eating enough protein, a protein supplement

Protein Sources (try to keep saturated fat below 20% of the TOTAL FAT content)
• Beef
• Chicken
• Turkey
• Fish
• Pork
• Eggs
• Milk
• Soybean Products (for those of you living a vegetarian lifestyle)

• Nuts & Nut Butter (all natural, doesn’t have to be organic)
• Beans of all kinds

All vegetables and fruits
• Aim for a rainbow rather than only 1 or 2 colors, and achieve the rainbow over a 2-3 day period. It is tough to eat the rainbow every day.

Whole grains
• pastas
• breads
• rices
• The less processed or enriched the better.

I know it sounds counterintuitive, but in some cases, people actually need to eat in order to lose.

Progress, not perfection!

*None of the above advice is medical advice and should not be taken in place of the advice of a physician, dietician, or other medical professional.


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